Business : GP Sakhir – According to Sainz, Russell’s performance “shows what F1 is missing”

That a regular driver at the back of the grid is able to qualify for second by moving up to Mercedes shows that a lot of talent is being lost as a result of the existing inequality, considers Carlos Sainz.

Every technological sport involves a differential mechanical component, which on many occasions prevents the pilot of the machine from developing its full potential. Something that, traditionally, has been especially evident in Formula 1, but that throughout its seven decades of history has still not been fully assumed by protagonists and fans.

This weekend in Bahrain, George Russell has had the opportunity to jump from the only team that has not yet scored the best on the grid and that, for the moment, has 533 points, 259 more than the second classified.

“If you could level the grid a little more and allow the rider to make a difference, it would create an incredible show.”

This has allowed the Briton to go from occupying the last positions of the same to fight for pole, which he lost to Valtteri Bottas by only 26 thousandths. Something that, in the opinion of Carlos Sainz, «It just shows what Formula 1 is missing by having cars that are two seconds apart when almost the entire grid could be three tenths of a second away because of the talent on it.

«It’s a shame that a guy who is fighting for 15th position every weekend, suddenly, when you put him in a race-winning car, he’s 20 thousandths (26 thousandths separated Bottas from Russell) from pole », insists the McLaren driver.

“If you could level the grid a bit more and allow the driver to make a difference, it would create an incredible show,” says Sainz. Right now, when you’re a second or two off the beat, you can’t really see the last two tenths of a driver who makes a difference ».

Lewis Hamilton continues to make a difference

Another debate that arose as a result of Russell’s presence in Mercedes has been that of Lewis Hamilton’s real worth, as many consider that the real key lies in the car.

Lando Norris has spoken about it, beginning by endorsing Carlos Sainz’s point of view. “We can all drive cars extremely fast. If you want to win a championship, you must be in a Mercedes. So I think a lot of drivers could do something similar and, in some races, fight Valtteri (Bottas) or Lewis (Hamilton) for the position.

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But Norris doesn’t share that Hamilton’s accomplishments have no greater merit than surpassing Bottas. There are many traits that Lewis has, like his consistency so he can be on pole most weekends and do flawless races without mistakes. I think those are impressive features, ”says the Brit from Mercedes.

Norris even points out that the Sakhir outdoor track, which is being raced this weekend, is a more conducive environment for a rider to make his debut in the conditions Russell has done. “I think in Abu Dhabi we might see a slightly different story. I think this is a track with four corners. If there’s a track where it might be a little easier for a driver to get into a new car and do something special, it’s probably here. “.

So it will be interesting to see if George is in the Mercedes next weekend in Abu Dhabi., if it will be the same story and if he will be even faster, or if he suffers a little more, “continues Norris. “You don’t know the Mercedes like the back of your hand like Valtteri does.”

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