Buy Christmas lottery online with the TuLotero application

Christmas is very close and with it come the holidays, gifts … and the raffles! There are only days until the draw for Christmas lottery, the most important and awaited draw after this difficult time in which we live. The prize that raffles State Lotteries and Gambling is ready to distribute illusion.

Selling online Christmas lottery has been increasing and more this year due to COVID. It is within our power to avoid queues at lottery administrations if we acquire our ticket through the TuLotero app, an application where you can buy, manage your tickets and see the results in a simple and unique way.

Christmas TuLotero - Christmas Lottery in TuLotero

As a curiosity last Christmas, TuLotero distributed the Gordo, the second prize, the third prize, a fourth and two fifth prizes. In addition, it delivered 130 million of the Euromillion to a Spanish user.

Buy and manage your lottery tickets in a simple way in this application

TuLotero is the most downloaded app in Christmas And it is no wonder since it makes everything very simple and gives us many advantages such as:

  • A totally purchase safe since they are backed by official administrations associated with the network of State Lotteries and Betting,
  • Is an application free.
  • It allows share tickets With friends, family, colleagues and you only have to select them in your phone book and each one will receive their prize in their user account.
  • Enables create groups of up to 100 people and in this way you can play the Lottery together.
  • You will never lose the ticket since you will always have it with you on your mobile and it will be associated with your phone number.
  • You will receive notifications on your mobile, for example, it alerts you if you are the winner of a prize.
  • Collect your prize instantly in your bank account, without any commissions.

You can buy the lottery at any time and any day, has no commissions so you will buy your ticket at the same price as if you were going to a lottery administration.

From this app you can buy Christmas tenths in any province of Spain from different administrations around the country, so you won’t need to go to your favorite administration.

And if you are one of the people who also likes to have the tenth physique, there is a way to receive your Christmas tenth physically, with delivery by courier or priority collection in the Administration, without the need to queue.

Download the app for free and get 1 euro for free

TuLotero is available on both iOS and Android devices. Also, if we register as new users we will get 1 euro totally free to buy lottery. It is a good gift with which you can also earn a lot of money.

Christmas TuLotero - Christmas Lottery in TuLotero
Take your lottery ticket on your mobile

How to redeem your code? **

Step 1. Once you are in the menu, on the left side of the app you must select symbol ☰.

tulotero app

Step 2. Once selected, a drop-down options menu opens and the option we have to select is «Activate promotions».

your lottery app

Step 3. You must enter a promotional code. This time you can use «IPadize», because iPadizate is giving away € 1 from the Christmas Lottery with TuLotero.

your lottery code

Step 4. Once the code has been validated you will be able to make a purchase. As simple as that!

tulotero ticket

Step 5. If you want to continue shopping you must go to the selection of “Rocks” and buy directly. And if you want to see your € 1 participation, it is in the section «My tickets»

my tickets app

It is time to participate in the most important draw of the year, the Christmas Lottery and be able to share it with those closest to you. Buying a tenth has never been easier. It only remains to try your luck in this tradition that has been celebrated for many years. Don’t forget to use the free 1 euro code for new users that iPadizate gives away!

Download TuLotero on iOs

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