Cammy comes to the real world with this impressive cosplay

In the distant 1997, a video game called Street Fightertoday a fighting classic and one of Capcom’s most treasured franchises, especially since the sequel Street Fighter II came out in 1991.

Gamers are clear that this title is based on one-on-one fights, using different types of attacks to deplete the opponent’s life points, while defensive techniques are used to avoid taking damage. But although it seems like a simple plot, the antiquity of Street Fighter has allowed its characters to have stories.

One such character is Cammy White, also known by her codename Killer Bee, who debuted in 1993’s Super Street Fighter II as one of the “New Contenders.”

Cammy is the second woman to appear in the saga, after the acclaimed Chun-Li. Her popularity grew rapidly because of her slender and attractive figure, her personality and her strong fighting skills, which has inspired hundreds of cosplayers in the world to dress up as her.

Cammy’s impressive cosplay

According to a report published on the website of Geekmi Newsthe model strawbunni.coswith thousands of followers on Instagram, was the one who made this impressive Cammy cosplay.

As we can see, the cosplayer wears the same military outfit as the Street Fighter character, with an extremely sensual touch when she wears it in a green bodysuit, clearly showing her rear. Also, she has the same hairstyle as Cammy, long blonde with braids.

In the post above these lines we see that it shows other details of the cosplay, such as the red fighting gloves and the beret of the same color, which makes the outfit even more similar.

“So in love with my Cammy pics omg,” she wrote in another post with another image of the cosplay.