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The decision of Canal + to restore the two matches that it has been broadcasting since the start of the season is a terrible blow for the championship. And which could be fatal for some clubs.

Ligue 1 falls from Charybdis to Scylla. While the worst seemed to be reached with the withdrawal of Mediapro, unable to pay the 800 million euros that the Sino-Spanish group had put on the table during the 2018 call for tenders, the situation is still unclear. little more deteriorated with the decision of Canal + to give up the two meetings which it broadcast on its antennas in order to force the League to organize a new call for tenders.

And while French football wanted to see Canal, the historic broadcaster of Ligue 1, its savior, the words made by Maxime Saada, the boss of the channel do not encourage optimism. “I believe that the L1 product has been degraded in absolute terms,” ​​he said, after explaining that “Ligue 1 has been subsidized for many years. No broadcaster has succeeded in making it profitable. Neither TPS, nor Orange Sport, both missing, nor beIN Sports, nor Mediapro, nor even Canal +. ”

There are going to be bankruptcy filings very quickly

The objective is clear for Canal: to pay as little as possible. At the risk of precipitating the loss of some residents of the championship. “There will be bankruptcy filings very quickly. Canal is going to pay just enough to keep football alive. But just ”, thus meant a club president of Ligue 1 in the columns of the Parisian. While an agreement allowing lower general wages appears more necessary than ever, a talent drain also seems inevitable.

But for Canal, the essential is elsewhere. “Saada speaks but we know very well that it is Vincent Bolloré who decides. Bolloré, we know very well that he is someone who is in the power struggle outright. In theory, if Canal is found all alone, without competition, they will fix the price, ”analyzes Pierre Maes, specialist in the three TVs, adding:“ I don’t think Bolloré has any emotions in seeing French clubs pass rounds in the Cup. from Europe. For him, it is the ‘bottom line’ (the lowest level) that counts. ”

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