Carlos de la Mota was infected again with COVID-19

Carlos De la Mota was infected again with COVID-19: How is he?


Carlos De La Mota is one of the entertainment personalities who has been infected with COVID-19 on more than one occasion.

Carlos De La Mota announced through his digital platforms that he was infected with COVID-19 again after only five months of his first diagnosis with the virus. However, the Dominican actor stressed that he has not presented any type of symptoms.

“Taking a routine test for the exercise of my functions, I have been notified Positive to Covid19, my second time in 5 months. At this moment I am fine, without symptoms and in good spirits. With GOD and my Doctors I hope to overcome this disease soon “, detailed the actor through his official account on Twitter

The interpreter pointed out that his first diagnosis with COVID-19 was in the month of May of this 2020: “This is the SECOND TIME that Covid19 has given me in 5 months. The first time was in mid-May ”.

Carlos De La Mota is the second personality in the entertainment industry to announce that he was infected with COVID-19 on more than one occasion. In May 2020, Colombian actress Danna García announced that she had tested positive for COVID-19 for the third time.

In October, the AJMC website reported that there were only 5 cases of COVID-19 reinfection worldwide. The cases had been reported in places like the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ecuador.

Maribel Jorge, Carlos De La Mota’s bedside pulmonologist revealed through her Instagram profile that reinfection with COVID-19 continues to be a subject of great curiosity among the medical class:

“Covid is the character of a thousand faces and the issue of reinfection continues to be a debate among the medical class. In view of the fact that Carlos de la Mota, due to his position and the number of people with whom he has contact on a daily basis, has decided to make this public, coincidentally two patients of mine with him today have Covid for the second time, in these months we have had four cases, just don’t lower your guard because like I said before the second laps are not good. Thank God Carlos in excellent condition and spirit ”.

Currently, Carlos de la Mota is away from acting and is focused on his political career as Vice Minister of the Dominican Communities Abroad since last August of this 2020.

Carlos de La Mota: When did you announce your first diagnosis with COVID-19?

Carlos de la Mota reveals that he was infected with covid-19 and lasted 18 days in isolationPrior to the premiere of the series Médicos: Línea de Vida, we talked with Carlos de la Mota about how he prepared to give life to ‘Dr. Luis Galván’, a famous cardiologist with a lot of heart. Taking advantage of the talk, the Dominican actor confessed that a few weeks ago he suffered from coronavirus and recounted how he dealt with the symptoms. #DespiertaAmerica SUBSCRIBE …2020-07-14T13: 54: 13Z

At the beginning of July, Carlos De La Mota announced in an exclusive interview with Univision’s “Despierta América” that he had been infected with COVID-19: “I was infected with COVID, fortunately I am asymptomatic. I spent 18 days in isolation. I don’t know how I got it, fortunately no one in my inner circle did ”.

In his interview with the show on the Spanish-speaking television network, the Dominican actor highlighted the importance of the functions of medical personnel in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide.

Televisa and Univision’s “Médicos, linea de vida” was Carlos De La Mota’s last melodrama before dedicating himself entirely to political office in the Dominican Republic. In the television series, the actor played a cardiologist and stressed that it was one of the best roles in his life for allowing him to know in depth the role of a health specialist.

How many cases of Coronavirus are there worldwide?

According to an exhaustive study by Google with real-time updates, the Coronavirus has caused havoc worldwide with all 64.5 million people infected as of this Thursday, December 3, 2020.

When referring to deaths from COVID-19 worldwide, Google highlights that there are more than a million deaths.

The United States is one of the countries with the highest number of people infected with COVID-19 with a total of 13.9 million citizens, while 273 thousand people have lost their lives after being diagnosed with the virus, according to the updated Google report.

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