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History is full of names of great seducers. Not always the power of seduction is linked to beauty and indeed history has shown that many of the great seducers did not have to be too physically graceful.

Just his charisma or his way of looking, or simply because of his job, almost always artists or related to the world of culture or power, have made these characters irresistible to women who fell at their feet.

For many psychologists, experts in seduction, physical appearance is a plus point when seducing a person, but it is not the most decisive point to end up conquering the desired person, as we can see in some examples like Picasso or Woody Allen, not always the physical appearance has been decisive to seduce.

Much has been written on the subject. Ovid himself, one of the most prominent Roman poets and famous seducer of the time, wrote several books in relation to the art of seduction, highlighting ‘Art of loving’ and his famous love letters, ‘Heoridas’.

Professors and specialists on the subject such as Betsy Prioleau, who published in 2013, ‘The great seducers’, made a small reflection on the figure of a seducer for women: «they love him for a reason: the seducer adores them and their company, and knows what they long for. Although he is not a saint, he does not conform to stereotypes, negative or otherwise. It’s the complexity.

Throughout history great monarchs, poets, actors, musicians, even politicians have been known, who have had a very fruitful life as seducers and will be remembered for many of their conquests.

Giacomo Casanova

We can say that Casanova is the seducer of the book. The Italian excelled in many arts and disciplines such as writing, law, philosophy, music, and was even a secret agent for his country, but he is remembered for his debauchery and his past as an incomparable seducer.

It is said that he was able to conquer more than 130 women that he counted in his personal biography, ‘Memories of Casanova’, he managed to create his own character as a conquering adventurer unleashing madness in many of the women he came to woo.

A manual conqueror: he sought what he wanted, his command of the word and his voice, he made his appointments dominate, which he conquered and then forgot with the same force.

Lord byron

His limp, which made him seem helpless and somewhat withdrawn, mattered little to the poet Lord Byron. Nothing is further from reality. Like Casanova, she had an inordinate adventurous spirit, something that, according to the writer Betsy Prioleau herself, « was irresistible to women. »

His conquests were so famous that he even had a son with his own stepsister. For many psychologists, creativity and the way they treat women, together with that free and adventurous spirit, became the keys to leaving a good list of achievements that many would envy.

John F. Kennedy

The seduction of politics also features some of the most celebrated men in the field. Without a doubt, John F. Kennedy was one of the most seductive politicians history has ever told.

The young president has already seduced millions of Americans through the cameras for his charisma and his way of speaking and moving in public. Although not many conquests are known to him, he is credited with one of the greatest conquests in history: Marilyn Monroe.

For many, the fall of the actress and even the reasons for her death, unclear, had to do with the end of a relationship with the president of the United States that she could not overcome.

For history, that mythical congratulations from Monroe at Madison Square Garden will remain before more than 15,000 people performed for the birthday of John F. Kennedy.

Albert camus

Known for such outstanding works as ‘The Plague’ or ‘The First Man’, the Algerian-born French essayist, had a turbulent private life marked by the multitude of lovers who met him.

It is said that his seducer powers were infinite. Despite this, in his last days, before death in a car accident, his love was for María Casares, to which he dedicated some of the most romantic letters in literature.

He had always been unable to maintain a serious relationship with anyone, who knows if he had not died, if that love for women had stopped to focus on his relationship with María Casares.

Despite this, it is known that a year before he died, the writer shared a bedroom with three women at the same time, in addition to maintaining a marriage that he never showed interest in.

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