CAST – “Looking for Frida”: Meet the actors

CAST - “Looking for Frida”: Meet the actors and their characters [FOTOS]


Meet the actors and characters of “Looking for Frida,” the new Telemundo television series.

“Looking for Frida” premieres today, Tuesday, January 26, 2021 on Telemundo at 10:00 PM Eastern Time. The series has a cast led by actors Eduardo Santamarina, Arap Bethke and Ximena Herrera.

The television series focuses on the history of the Pons family and “how their lives suddenly change when their daughter, Frida, mysteriously disappears the night of her father’s birthday party. During the investigation, lies, resentments and secrets will come to light, unmasking a family that is far from perfect, which will leave the public questioning every detail and everyone involved in this captivating story full of unexpected twists.

“Looking for Frida” will air on Telemundo Monday through Friday at 10:00 PM ET.

Looking for Frida: Official Trailer | TelemundoOfficial Telemundo video. What secrets are hidden behind the tragedy of the Pons? Official trailer of #BuscandoAFrida. Premiere Tuesday, January 26 at 10 PM/9C on Telemundo. Download our App: SUBSCRIBE: Telemundo App Telemundo – Full Episodes is your digital destination to enjoy the programming you like! Watch full episodes …2020-12-15T14: 59: 52Z

Meet the actors and characters of Telemundo’s “Looking for Frida”

Victoria White is Frida

Frida is a “very popular and charismatic 16-year-old teenager. She is an exemplary daughter and a generous and responsible sister, a brilliant high school student, admired and respected by her peers. On his father’s birthday, he asks permission to go to a party with his cousins ​​in a city club, which turns out to be the worst nightmare for his family, because that night he disappears. “

Eduardo Santamarina is Abelardo

Abelardo is a “very powerful businessman and president of the Pons conglomerate of companies. His management has led to the creation of an empire, for which he is admired and, at the same time, envied. His daughters are his Achilles heel, especially Frida, with whom he maintains a very particular closeness; a relationship of affection and trust that will be abruptly interrupted by his disappearance ”.

Ximena Herrera is Marcela

Marcela is a “sweet and gentle woman, devoted mother and faithful wife of Abelardo, who left her journalism career to dedicate herself exclusively to her family and the raising of her daughters. His life takes place around his family, however, when he learns of the disappearance of his daughter Frida, his life collapses ”.

Arap Bethke as Martin

Martín is the “inspector designated to investigate Frida’s disappearance. He is a lonely and sullen man, who lives with the only company of his dog. Behind his tough man’s armor, hides a good man with a soul deeply wounded by the tragic loss of his family. Since then he has not found peace and the case of Frida becomes personal for him because, secretly, he feels that it is an opportunity to repair his own past ”.

Alejandra Barros is Rafaela

Rafaela is “Abelardo’s sister, Salvador’s wife, and Tomas and Ingrid’s mother. With the support of her father who saw her as his natural successor, this woman was destined for success, but she met Salvador and fell madly in love with him, even though her father did not approve of him. He resented a lot that his father finally chose Abelardo to be his successor, and that he was not strict and demanding with his sister Gabriela as he was with her. However, competition is natural between the Pons brothers ”.

Grettell Valdez is Gabriela

Gabriela is “Antonio Carmona’s wife, Diego’s mother, and Rafaela and Abelardo’s younger sister. She was 21 years old when she became pregnant and for this she married Antonio. She is superficial and a little immature, but charming. She works as a designer in the office run by her brother-in-law Salvador, where she works alongside her best friend Ángel Olvera ”.

Germán Bracco is Diego

He is a “rebellious and manipulative young man, the only son of Gabriela and Antonio. He has a very close relationship with his cousin Frida where they cover their backs, and he was one of the last to see Frida the night she disappeared ”.

Jorge Luis Moreno is Angel

Ángel is “Gabriela’s best friend and colleague. He returns to Mexico to work after living for years in New York. He is gay and does not hide it, but his discreet nature has made him very reserved with his things.

Rubén Zamora is Salvador

Ruben is the “husband of Rafaela and father of Ingrid and Tomas. He is intelligent, cunning, a good talker, charismatic, charming, manipulative, dreamy, with great sensitivity and a taste for art and women. It has been done by hand, but the reality is that he has more talent as a teacher than as an architect. Rafaela is like her trophy and, although she feels inferior to her, she loves her ”.

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