Catalonia is left without the Formula 1 preseason – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Despite the fact that the Formula 1 World Championship will not start with a double in Bahrain, the first race will be in Sakhir before traveling to Imola, which is why the teams have agreed to hold the preseason in Bahrain. It will be the first time since 2016 that these tests are not performed in Catalonia. And it is that, the postponement of Australian Grand Prix has delayed the start of the World Cup for a week and also the preseason, which will take place between March 12 and 14 instead of between the 2nd and 4th of the same month.

The teams, according to Motorsport, have seen fit to make a single trip to Bahrain instead of going first to Catalonia and then to Sakhir with the economic cost that this entails. The counterpart is that the teams will only have eleven days to send by air those parts that they decide to modify after these tests. For that reason, given that Barcelona, ​​which is relatively close to the equipment factories, Catalonia He had been hosting the preseason since 2016.

The coronavirus, Catalonia and the Spanish pilots

The coronavirus has compressed the calendar, thus harming Catalonia and also the interests of the pilots, who will only have a day and a half of preseason. This is something that will especially affect the Spanish as Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonso will have to adapt to a new car and a new work team.

“I can understand that for Carlos Sainz or Ricciardo the challenge of next season with a new team will be complicated, because they will have to learn a new working method and they will have to interact with unknown engineers, but in Fernando’s case it will be different considering his prolonged absence“Marcin Budkowski, Renault CEO, pointed out in this regard.

Carlos Sainz, for his part, who arrives at Ferrari after passing through McLaren, annoyed to see how the FIA ​​did not give him permission to participate in the Abu Dhabi young drivers test, he spoke of the dangers of such a short preseason: “I’m not happy with the decision because it does not seem fair at all on the part of the FIA. I wanted to be in that test, especially when it is known that there is barely a day and a half of pre-season testing per driver. They could open their hands to drivers who change teams, even For security. If anything fails in the Ferrari in that day and a half of testing I can get to the race without having tested the seat. But it has not been that way. There is inconsistency when applying the regulation, everyone should be open their hand ”.

Catalonia will have to wait until May to host Formula 1

Formula 1 will not move from Sakhir from preseason to 28th March, date the World Cup will start with the dispute of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The second race will take place in Imola on April 18, while the third will be on May 2. It remains to be determined where since the Vietnam Grand Prix has been canceled, although everything seems to indicate that it will take place in Portimao. A week later, eMay 9will take place on Spanish Grand Prix. And it is that the Circuit of Catalonia has recently renewed its contract with Formula 1 for one more season. Now, the Government of the Generalitat will negotiate with Stefano Domenicali, who is the new president of the great circus, so that this appointment is extended in the calendar until 2025.

After the last changes in the calendar, and defined when the preseason will be, the Formula agenda 1 in 2021 is defined as follows:

Pre-season in Bahrain: March 12- 14 Bahrain Grand Prix: March 28 Imola Grand Prix: April 18 Grand Prix to be confirmed: May 2 Spanish Grand Prix: May 9 Monaco Grand Prix: May 23 Grand Azerbaijani Grand Prix: June 6 Canadian Grand Prix: June 13 French Grand Prix: June 27 Austrian Grand Prix: July 4 Great Britain Grand Prix: July 18 Hungarian Grand Prix: August 1 Grand Prix of Belgium: August 29 Netherlands Grand Prix: September 5 Italian Grand Prix: September 12 Russian Grand Prix: September 26 Singapore Grand Prix: October 3 Japanese Grand Prix: October 10 Grand Prix of United States: October 24 Mexican Grand Prix: October 31 Brazilian Grand Prix: November 7 Australian Grand Prix: November 21 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix: December 5 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: December 12

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