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Chandler leaves mark on region’s wine industry

The Lodi Winegrape Commission marked its 20-year anniversary this year, a milestone it shared with Executive Director Mark Chandler. The commission under Chandler’s guidance has seen remarkable growth and achievements.…

Ice Wine: Taking full advantage of cold weather

Ice Wine: Taking full advantage of cold weather

Feeling damp, cold and miserable lately? It’s all a matter of perspective. I took a trip to Northern Illinois a couple of weeks ago, and the morning temperatures never got as high…

Lodi hopes to reap the benefits of China’s taste for wine

It’s been said that one in five children born in the world is Chinese. In my family, that would be my younger sister. But she looks as Irish as the rest of…

Beyond the cork mystic

Ever want to have a heart-to-heart discussion with the people who design packages?

Economic outlook sluggish

Economic outlook sluggish

altCalifornia is different.
From the state’s ever-changing geography to its huge and growing population to its perceived “Left Coast” politics to its cultural diversity; no other state is like…

It’s a great time to be a wine drinker

Global trade, the laws of supply and demand and penny-pinching consumers are mixing this year to give California wineries and grape growers a case of indigestion.

Wine competition results are called into question

As you may have heard, a new study calls into question the results of wine competitions.

All those gold medals that wineries boast about may not mean much, according to the…

In search of the perfect grape; Valley has many possibilities

So, that rich uncle died and left you 40 acres in the San Joaquin Valley, along with enough cash to plant a vineyard.  So, what do you plant?

Stanislaus wineries ponder the need for tasting rooms

California abounds in popular wine-tasting regions: Napa and Sonoma, the Central Coast, Amador County, Lodi, Calaveras County, Livermore.

But Stanislaus (or Stanislaus Valley, as the local economic development mavens like to…

Valley needs own identity

What’s in a name? , Shakespeare’s Juliet famously asked.

If the name is Napa, consumers across the country think of fine wine, despite those "Napa Stands for Auto Parts" bumper stickers…

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