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Celia Lora shows off daring costume A cute short dress! (Instagram)

Celia Lora shows off daring costume A cute short dress! | Instagram

The mexican model Celia lora she wore her exquisite figure again while wearing a tiny dress blue that left very little to the imagination, this is one of the costumes that its fans liked the most, this because of the immediate reactions it has had.

The daughter of Álex and Chela Lora has become a celebrity, she is one of the most recognized women in the whole country, not only because she is the daughter of a rock star in Spanish, if not because Celia lora She is also an important public figure, businesswoman, youtuber, influencer and host.

With each of her publications on social networks Celia Lora, the famous model and businesswoman manages to reach more Internet users, especially because her popularity is not only based on her personality, which, although it has a lot to do with her, are also other quite interesting issues and that are more than obvious, like his great charm and tremendous figure.

Celia lora It has managed to stand out among social networks because it usually shares somewhat risque content, for a long time it has been doing so, which has become more known, especially because it also had the opportunity to appear on the cover several times. from Play Boy magazine, these being one of the best sellers in large part because the model promoted them on her social networks.

Seeing success that she began to have thanks to the fact that she showed off her figure wearing little pink, tight clothing or simply appearing in the natural, Celia Lora decided to take advantage of it and take advantage of it, so she chose to launch her own private page of exclusive content, something similar to OnlyFans.

On said page that he happens to be constantly promoting Celia lora often share a few tastes of what subscribers will find in it, as long as they are subscribed to it.

Again she decided to delight the pupil with a rather daring photo where she is wearing a tiny police costume, with a rather short blue dress that obviously leaves very little to the imagination.


With long boots and leaning against a wall with many green leaves, Celia Lora achieved her mission, to get the hearts of her fans to start pumping faster by accelerating the pulse and turning her cheeks red from the emotion of seeing her in such a tight and tiny blue dress .

Enter here and meet Show News on Youtube!

In addition to being a successful model, as we already mentioned, Celia Lora decided to venture into the world of youtubers, this was not planned but due to the pandemic and the plans that she had to postpone due to her, the businesswoman decided to launch a YouTube channel, where he would manage to entertain his followers through unusual interviews that he did with other personalities of the show.

Although his program is beginning, he has already become one of the favorites of Internet users, this because by not having any filter, he shares private information without any penalty, as well as some anecdotes, gives advice and the same happens with his guests, who are more and more equal or more daring than her.

Her followers thank her for the content because sometimes it is painful to ask certain types of questions, however during her program she manages to resolve many doubts with the topics she develops in her interviews.

The so-called Boss de Acapulco Shore has been sought out by several programs to participate in some way with them, without a doubt her popularity is increasing every day, something that is extremely pleasant for any Internet star.

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