Cell and Kid Buu unite in a brutal merger that would destroy the entire Universe 7

The concept of fusion is only used to combine the forces of the Z Fighters. In search of a tool to face an adversary, two characters unite their bodies to create a brutal fighter with a colossal level in Dragon Ball.

Heroes always do; never the villains. So it is normal to wonder what would happen if at some point they tried it?

Through Fan Arts we have seen different results. But few would be as powerful as the one that we are going to present below. The last two villains of Dragon Ball Z were the ones that caused the heroes of Universe 7 the most problems.

Cell, after absorbing Number 17 and Number 18 reached his perfect form and it was almost impossible to beat him. Only Gohan, transformed into Super Saiyan 2, vastly surpassed him in powers.

Years later, Majin Buu arrived, a villain who, after a complex transformation process, ended up in his most primitive form: the one we know as Kid Buu. He is the most ruthless of all, so much so that she doesn’t even need to speak to know his intentions; he is only there to destroy.

Now imagine this pair of characters coming together in a fusion. The illustrator Víctor Alfonso (@VitoAlfonso on Instagram) recreated it in his mind and embodied it in a brutal design.

The character illustration maintains the details of Cell’s face and part of his torso. This is combined with Kid Buu’s size and some details of his pink body. He wears the white pants with the ‘M’ that certifies his ‘Majin’ mode and the black bracelets with gold threads that he wears on his wrists.

In the event that this merger were to occur in the canon of the series, who would be able to defeat him?