The Knicks are among the teams that cannot host players in their city to train | Patrick Smith / .

Franchises in cities heavily restricted by the coronavirus pandemic have asked the NBA to report their players directly to where the campaign will resume, ESPN reported.

The reason for this is that in places like New York, Toronto and Boston the practice facilities are closed by order of local governments.

Most are organizations in areas where stricter rules were set by the pandemic. This forced his players to go out to their houses. Now, with the possible resumption of the campaign, they face the possibility of going through a long quarantine.

What the clubs want to avoid is that a good part of their rosters have to spend 14 days of confinement in the city they represent, and then they have to do another isolation at the venue that the league chooses to finish the regular round.

According to ESPN information, the industry is open to working with teams to let players skip the order to report in each set’s regions.