Censoring Trump: The Ultimate Social Media Option To Save Their Skin

MAtin after morning, getting out of bed, before even turning on Fox News, the world according to Trump was limited to a smartphone screen. There were tweets from 51 accounts to which @realdonaldtrump had subscribed: his wife, his children, the official White House account, a few relatives (ex-) advisers, two YouTuber aficionados, a handful of Fox News hosts, the golfer Gary Player, wrestling producer Vince McMahon… Then he tweeted. 9 times a day at the start of his term. On average 30 times at the end, with a record of 427 times in a week, in 2017.

What was he talking about? From him, essentially. In capital letters, it also dumped dumpsters of fake news, conspiracy theories, attacks, threats, outrage. Political decisions, sometimes. All this, followed by nearly 89 million people, a penetration rate that will make any marketing manager green with envy.

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