CF Fuenlabrada: Chico Flores, open hearted after leaving the hotel: “Times of reflection …”

CF Fuenlabrada The Fuenlabrada player has gone through two confinements

Chico Flores, during training. /BRAND

The player of the Fuenlabrada Chico Flores He shared this Sunday an emotional letter, in which he says goodbye to “days for oblivion” and that is that he lived, in addition to the confinement in a hotel in A Corua, his hospital admission given the worsening of his state of health after his positive in COVID-19.

Chico Flores recalled that this was the second separate confinement of his children, insisted on the dangerousness of the virus and wished that the sports conflict opened after the suspension of the match that they must play before the Deportivo de la Corua be solved in favor of Fuenlabrada, since on that last day of LaLiga SmartBank they must have played the pass to the promotion phase to the First Division.

This is the content of the three pages that Chico Flores shared on his Twitter profile:

“Times of reflection.

They have been locked up in a room for many days, listening to seagulls and the sound of the sea through a small window. Sounds that make you think and reflect, as an athlete, as a parent, but above all as a person.

They are already two confinements separate from my children, priceless moments that are pure gold and that will not return or return. Moments like the first words of my son Gael or the first steps of my daughter Chloe. Moments in which sadly I could not be at your side to enjoy them because of this damn virus.

Virus that this time I have had to live closely and which most of humanity thinks is not dangerous after having killed thousands of innocent people. Viruses that as we neglect ourselves and do not follow the sanitary indications that they give us day by day, to act again without looking at races or ages.

There is only one life, it is a gift from God; A gift that we will begin to enjoy when we realize that wealth really is family, true friends, people who are for good and bad, and time … time that passes very quickly and that we waste in moments and people that we should not.

Sportingly, they are complicated moments. We came with desire and enthusiasm to play a game that could be historical for us and in which in the end we were involved in a problem and doubly damaged. Both in sports and in health, which is the priority and the most important since without it we are nobody.

Problem that we hope, we wish and we trust that it will be solved as soon as possible and for us after proving with sufficient indications our innocence.

Sports, financially, and in health, it has been and continues to be a difficult year for the entire world. Moments when people have to come together, dialogue and shake hands to get all of this going.

Thank you to all the people who have spent a moment of their time to send us support and strength. Family, friends, disinterested people, our fans of CF Fuenlabrada, etc.

Special mention to the health workers who took care of me and who take care of thousands of sick people in the hospital. They know they are true heroes and they are the ones who really fight day by day against this damn pandemic.

Lastly, a huge thank you to the NH Collection A Corua Finisterre hotel and all its staff for always being cared for in the best possible way. They are people, they have families and they have still had to deal with patients with COVID-19 with the best face and predisposition so that we did not lack anything and our days were more enjoyable.

I am one of those who think and say that from negative experiences you learn much more than from positive ones. Behind, we leave these days for oblivion, returning to Madrid, thinking of a beautiful future. No matter how long the storm is, the sun always shines again through the clouds.

Chico Flores “.