CF Fuenlabrada: Fuenlabrada trains and Deportivo on vacation

CF Fuenlabrada Different ways of waiting for a solution

In the final stretch of yesterday’s session, the master wanted to take a ‘selfie’ to remember the return. / TWTTER SANDOVAL

One more day, one less day to know the final decision of the Dportivo-Fuenlabrada case. That is, while that day arrives, each team takes that wait differently. The two teams involved have had different solutions.

El Fuenlabrada, after 12 days of confinement -13 people from the Madrid expedition in La Corua continue to fulfill their quarantine- 33 people returned to Madrid on Friday and, one day later, yesterday, They stepped on Fernando Torres’ grass again.

Under the watchful eye of Jos Ramn Sandoval, the players who are in perfect condition, exercised in a training where the ball was the protagonist and, above all and most importantly, that the players returned to work on the green. In this way, soccer players felt again -after performing physical exercises in the hotel room for a week and a half- and, in addition, they saw and spoke again in a totally different scenario from the one they did on the last few dates. A mental twist that the fuenlabreos needed after being whipped by the Covid-19.

While the Azulones decided to train while waiting for a date to play the game against Deportivo, the corus team chose to give rest to its players.

From the Tuesday after the game suspended -da 21-, footballers at the orders of Fernando Vzquez they are on vacation. The club asked them to be ready and operational at the entity’s disposal in case they had to join, but after all what has been assembled it does not seem that they are going to rejoin.

For all these reasons, the players loaned out at Dpor have initially returned to their original teams, although it appears in the contracts that they will be available until the end of the competition. On the other hand, those who end their contracts They are enjoying their families, in tourist areas or in their birthplaces.

The footballers in the sports team are enjoying and disconnecting from a rare, atypical, sad season, full of misfortunes and a very bittersweet ending. The players are with their families outside Galicia, except for Bergantios and Dani Gimnez. “They are at the club’s disposal, they are resting but ready in case they have to come back,” Richard Barral, sports director of the male team, assured MARCA.

They are at the club’s disposal, they are resting but ready in case they have to come back “

Richar Barral, sports director of dpor

Vicente Gmez and David Simn they are resting on their land. The canaries are with their families waiting for news. The theme of Gaku Shibasaki it is more complex. I am in Japan. Waiting to know which category to play D for next season. If he finally goes down to Segunda B, the Japanese will no longer return to La Corua and will find him a team. It is also available from the Mediterranean coast Emre olak. Despite his disagreements with the fans, he is waiting for Dpor in case he has to return to play that last match against Fuenlabrada.

Those on loan such as Mollejo or Montero, from the Atlético de Madrid, They would be willing to play as long as the mattress club gave permission. The more time passes, the worse for your possible contest.

The contrast on both sidewalks strikes. The desire to play that they have from Fuenlabrada and the few that there are from La Corua. The party has been the center of controversy for days. “With all due respect, if that game is played be a pachanga. It seems to me a lack of respect for football, “he expressed Boy, the captain of the Elche, one of the teams involved in the playoffs.

And is that the failure of Competition has become a maze the Fuenlabrada case and the opposing positions of both the RFEF and LaLiga do not seem to be able to move towards a solution in the short term.

“If you have a team facing relegation in front and then you play against a team that doesn’t play anything, the difference is huge.” From within the Galician team and in the words of its president, Fernando Vidal, they made it clear that they will only play if the full day is repeated. Deportivo-Fuenlabrada today, will be another totally different clash from the one that could have been played weeks ago. And so they see adulteration of competition,

The RFEF decided to suspend the matches that were going to take place this weekend in the Soccer City of Las Rozas – Additional phase of promotion to Second B- after detecting three positive cases in Covid-19 in the Marino, one of the participating teams.

The Federation has immediately informed the health authorities, in this case those of the Community of Madrid, as well as the sports authorities of the Government of Spain and Madrid.

After the three cases of positives detected in the Tenerife team, until a new date, the parties that faced the Lealtad and Alcoyano -he had to have played last night- and Marino against Linares Deportivo, scheduled for today.