Champions League: The most beautiful shirts to win a Champions League … Do you know them?

Champions League From 1967 Celtic Glasgow to 2011 FC Barcelona champion

Although football and sport are always the priority in a competition as important as the Champions League, the Tshirts of the teams are one of the crosshairs of all fans.

They are always highly anticipated the kits with which their teams will compete in such a significant event and many of the fans they want to get a to show off your club or even hopefully have the elastic of the Champions of the Champions.

Without a doubt, all the jerseys of the teams that have managed to win this competition have come to form part of the history of each club and they have taken on great value. In fact, many are in the museums of the different entities. The aesthetics of these pieces is essential to make fans fall in love and each time the teams invest more in achieving the best design and being the most original. The presentation one of these is usually news highly anticipated by fans and that generates a lot of expectation.

In BRAND we have rescued some of the most beautiful: From the Celtic from Glasgow from 1967 to FC Barcelona winner of the Champions League in 2011, through Real Madrid in 2000. We have chosen these six, but What are your favorites?.