charge a thousand dollars a month for a golden verification

The changes in the Twitter of Elon Musk they continue, now with less noise than in previous months, but still active. The tycoon is still looking for ways to make the social network more profitable, and his latest idea is to charge a thousand dollars a month for a golden verification.

Let’s remember that the first important change in the social network was to charge $8 a month for blue verification, through the Twitter Blue system. It would no longer be worth anything if the account was official or not, but rather that the user paid to have the blue “hook”.

The argument is a debt of 12.5 billion dollars in the company.

Now Musk wants to go further: a thousand dollars a month for gold, under the Verified for Organizations scheme. It would be intended for large commercial brands, according to The Information, quoted by The Verge.

Several companies were assigned the golden verification for free, but those who do not want to pay will lose it. It is unknown when this will occur.

Twitter and the golden badge of a thousand dollars, will there be confirmation from Elon Musk?

Matt Navarre, social media consultant, posted an email between Twitter product manager Evan Jones and an unidentified company. In it, he notes that “as an Early Access subscriber, he’ll earn a gold checkmark for his organization and membership badges for his associates.”

“If you want to sign up,” the email continues, “Verified for Organizations is $1,000 per month and $50 per additional affiliate ID per month, with one month of free memberships.”

The Verge explains that Twitter launched the gold badges of Verified for Organizations in order to allow “companies to verify and distinguish themselves on Twitter.”

Navarra also released a direct message between another company and Twitter’s product manager, confirming the $1,000 monthly fee.

At the moment, Verified for Organizations has not been officially launched. The Verge asked Elon Musk’s company for some comments, but “the company no longer has a communications team,” according to the portal.

Capable is another of the billionaire’s measures due to the economic crisis in the social network.