Charlie trial: severe penalties required against terror henchmen

On accuses the executioner, but the worst thing is to be his valet! “, Launched Friday Me Patrick Klugman, the lawyer of several victims of the killing of hyper-hide by inviting each of the accused to wonder if, without his assistance, the brothers Kouachi and Amédy Coulibaly could have committed, there is almost six years old, the crazy outfit that claimed the lives of 17 people. Would the prosecution follow in his footsteps during the indictment?

More than three months after the start of the hearings, the prosecution demanded on Tuesday the sentences at the trial of the attacks of January 2015. And for each of the fourteen accused (three of whom are tried in their absence), she made the distinction.

“The living and the dead”

“We must not make the living pay for the faults of the dead,” warned the lawyer-general, Julie Holveck.

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