ChatGPT already wrote the first political speech using its AI

Jake Auchincloss has become the first congressman to speak a speech written by an artificial intelligence. The 34-year-old Democrat leaned on ChatGPT to write a text about a bill that promotes the construction of an AI research center. Auchincloss thought this would be the best way to express the potential of technology before the United States House of Representatives.

the congressman entered the phrase in ChatGPT: «You are Jake Auchincloss, member of Congress. Write 100 words to pronounce in plenary session of the House of Representatives. Topic: The importance of the US-Israel Artificial Intelligence Center Act, which the congressman will reintroduce.” The result is a formal text, which although need more work to do it humanfulfilled its mission.

In accordance with WBZ News RadioAuchincloss made between five and six attempts on ChatGPT before finding the correct message.

ChatGPT was also used to draft laws regulating artificial intelligence

While Jake Auchincloss made history by delivering a speech written by an AIhe is not the first politician to use ChatGPT. Two Massachusetts lawmakers relied on the popular chatbot to draft two proposals that seek to regulate artificial intelligence. In accordance with boston globepoliticians used AI to show what it is capable of and the need to put “guardrails” so that this technology does not grow out of control.

The proposal A Law drafted with the help of ChatGPT to regulate generative artificial intelligence models like ChatGPTby Senator Barry R. Finegold, aims to “protect the security, privacy and intellectual property rights of the public”. The initiative mentions that an AI should not be used to discriminate against individuals, that the generated text should include a watermark to distinguish itself and avoid plagiarism, as well as the need to obtain consent from individuals before collecting their data, among other things.