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Chef James: "I always have room for television" [ENTREVISTA]

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James Tahhan, artistically known as Chef James, managed to win the affection of the entire Spanish-speaking audience in the United States for his outstanding participation in the cooking segment of Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día”. After ending his working relationship with the television network, the famous chef continues to be one of the most beloved stars on television.

With his characteristic charisma, talent and humility, Chef James gave us an insightful interview to discuss his new professional projects that continue to educate and entertain thousands of Hispanics in the United States.

The podcast “Put eggs” and the virtual school “Foodiescuela” are the projects in which the Venezuelan star has been working in the midst of the confinement experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the launch of these projects, Chef James reaffirms the importance of digital platforms today.

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1. You are premiering with the launch of your podcast “Put eggs”. Tell us what the audience can expect in this new project.

Chef James: “It is a podcast dedicated to productivity and getting the best version of everyone possible. Life sets scenarios for you and challenges you, many people are looking for answers to the situation you are facing … In this podcast we offer you negotiation tools, we show you marketing tools, we show you how to ask for a salary increase and how to truly be your best version when you work for someone. In this podcast, not only do I speak, I bring to the table a number of connections who are great entrepreneurs, great entrepreneurs and very intelligent people ”.

2. You have great power in social networks and an outstanding career on television. What motivated you to work on your own podcast?

Chef James: “We are in a different era. I have always liked being able to positively impact people and I have always liked being able to share, as a child I always told my mother: ‘I want to have a lot to be able to share a lot and be able to give a lot’ (…) I can share a lot of this knowledge with people and a lot of what they should do to avoid stumbling, why not? Surely that advice can change someone’s life and how nice to be able to sit back and watch people be successful. “

3. Let’s talk about the ‘Foodieschool’, tell us how this project was born.

Chef James: “The ‘Foodiescuela’ is the great project of my life because after having done television for eleven years without interruption I realized that television was the great platform for me to make myself known and be what I am today with a lot of work and with great dedication. I realized that there were things that television was missing, for example: 1. If you weren’t in front of the television that morning, you weren’t going to see me. 2. If you were outside the United States, you were not going to be able to tune in to the channel. 3. Everything happens counting the time because time on television is money (…)

With all this great wave of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO that you can see practically from your phone at any time, we wanted to develop a platform called the ‘Foodieschool’ and that has all these advantages: You can see them From anywhere in the world, it is a subscription plan just like Netflix is, you pay a monthly fee, you have personalized master classes made by me every month and they are classes that are not time-limited, and unlike being able to show you a recipe; I show you techniques (…)

In the ‘Foodiescuela’ with your monthly membership we give you 20 new recipes every month so that you don’t have to think about what you are going to prepare tomorrow and have all your ideas in the same space. We also give you eight interactive videos where we show you many of the things you should know about cooking and in addition to all this, people who subscribe have access to a monthly Zoom class where we basically put into practice everything we have learned ”.

4. “Un Nuevo Día” was a great training school for you in many areas of life. What is the best lesson that this project left you?

Chef James: “I think that one of the things that took me away from a“ A New Day ”is that since it was a live program and we had a super-set goal that was to be number one, it taught me that every day we must seek to be a better version of ourselves and that we can never relax, and that we can never enter a comfort zone ”(…) My great motivation was to know that a million or two million people were connecting with us every morning”.

5. Would you like to return to television soon or at this point in your life do you want to focus on other projects that you may not have worked on before?

Chef James: “I’m working right now on projects that have 100% of my attention and I’m very happy (…) Television always, I will always have a space for television. We have been in conversations with several channels that for contract reasons had not approached to speak with us because there are clauses in contracts like the ones we signed that do not allow us to speak with a network that may be the competition or with any other television channel while we’re on this chain. I always have room for television, we are in preliminary talks with many interesting projects and we will see. Meanwhile we are focused on 100% in our product line, in the podcast and in the ‘Foodiescuela’.

6. What other projects can your fans look forward to after the launch of ‘Foodieschool’ and ‘Put Eggs on Him’?

Chef James: “For now, the ‘Foodiescuela’ will be in a process of constant evolution because every month we give them new content (…) We come very strong with the development of products that help you to facilitate your day to day as were my spices and my pans (…) For now we have so many things going on that it takes us to focus on this and put all of this into operation to finalize and be able to focus on all our businesses ”.

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