Chess: Carlsen – Svidler and Nepo – Giri, Chess semifinals Live Legends

He Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, world champion, and Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi, fourth in the list of the International Federation (FIEDE), they win 1-0 to the Russian Peter Svidler, eight times champion of his country, and to the Dutch Anish Giri respectively in the semifinals Legends of Chess online, the last test of the Magnus Carlsen Chess Tour, endowed with 1 million dollars in prizes (890.00 euros). If they win their matches today, they will qualify for the tournament final.

The semifinals and finals are played to the best of 3 matches, and each one of them consists of 4 games in the modality of 15 minutes plus 10 additional seconds per movement. In case of 2-2, two additional lightning games are played. If a player wins 2 matches, the third will not be held.

The tournament can follow on the BRAND channel on YouTube from 16 hours with images from and comments from the great masters Jos Cuenca, Eduardo Iturrizaga, Miguel Santos and David Lario and the international master David Martnez.

Semifinals: July 31-August 2.

End: August 3-5.