Chicago : California Governor asks Trump to respect climate change on fire visit – .

President Donald Trump met Monday in Sacramento, California, with Governor Gavin Newsom and other local leaders to discuss the devastating wildfires burning in the state.

The president began the meeting by thanking Newsom for the effort he has made to protect the community and said that they have a good relationship, despite “coming from different parts of the planet.”

The governor told Trump that there are already 24 deaths that have left the disasters, more than 42,000 structures have been destroyed and thousands of people have had to evacuate from their homes.

Newsom also asked President Trump to “respect” the difference of opinion on climate change: “We come from a perspective, humbly, in which we present the science and the observed evidence is evident: that climate change is real.”

The governor also said he thanked the federal government for the help it has sent to California and spoke about the “commitment over the next 20 years to double our vegetation management and forest management.”

“But one thing is critical,” Newsom added, “57% of the land is federal forest land, 3% is California. So we really need that support. We need that commitment emphasis and we are fully committed to working with you. to promote that cause. “

A controversial incident occurred between the president and the secretary of natural resources of California, which highlighted the high temperatures that are registered in various parts of the state.

A controversial moment of the meeting was when Wade Crowfoot, California Secretary of Natural Resources said that this year, in California, places have been seen with more than 120 degrees and that “our summers will be warmer but also our winters will be.”

Crowfoot added that we have to really acknowledge climate change “because if we ignore our science we are not going to be successful in getting California protection.”

President Trump responded to Crowfoot: “It will start to get cold. Just watch.” “I wish science would agree with you,” Crowfoot replied. To which Trump replied, “I don’t think science really knows.”

Leaders from Siskiyou and Fresno counties also participated in the meeting, where they reported on the damage left by the devastating fires in their counties.

“My county continues to repeat the things seen in the Paradise fire, but on a smaller scale. The town of Happy Camp this year is under the Slater fire that burned and in a 24-hour period. We lost 258 structures in one town very small, half of my population is displaced. Right now, we have 158 houses completely destroyed, “said the Siskiyou county representative.

Monday’s visit marks the sixth time Trump has visited California since taking office. About two years ago, he visited the Camp Fire destruction site in Butte County.