Chicago : devastating Texas plastics plant fire – NBC Chicago

TEXAS – A terrifying fire at a plastic plant in Grand Prairie has been brought under control and nearly extinguished after nearly 14 hours of trying to put it out.

The incident that began after midnight on Tuesday, could be seen from miles away and it was feared that it would leave the entire area without electricity for some time, firefighters say.

At a press conference, authorities reported that a high-voltage power tower that was damaged after storms two days ago could collapse and leave many residents of the area without power.

It was not necessary to evacuate to the surrounding neighborhoods and no injuries are reported. But there are concerns about smoke and air quality.

For its part, the Texas environment office sent a statement asking residents for caution and to stay indoors because the smoke is harmful to health because all that has caught fire are plastic garbage bags, products polyethylene and other plastic derivatives that produce sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds and particles dangerous to health.

At about midnight, a protruding power line fell onto plastic sheeting at a storage facility at the Poly-America plant located in the 2000 block of West Marshall Drive, said Bill Murphy, deputy chief of the Grand Prairie Fire Department.

The materials caught fire and were scattered throughout the storage area, Murphy said. A car exploded and power line support towers are expected to collapse in the heat of the flames.

Murphy said first responders, who had been at the scene for more than six hours, were running out of fuel and fire retardant foam and have enlisted the help of fire crews from Irving, Dallas, Cedar Hill and the International Airport of Dallas-Fort Worth are helping fight the fire.

People living in the area have already been hit with sporadic power outages.

NBC 5 reporter Alanna Quillen reported hearing intermittent popping sounds at the scene of the fire that could be seen for miles. Even the plume of smoke was detected on Telemundo 39 / NBC 5’s Tele S radar.

The events occurred Tuesday afternoon at an apartment complex located between Timberglen Road and Rodale Way.