Chicago : flames devour several floors of a building – .

MADRID – A large fire declared early Saturday morning in a building in the Madrid neighborhood of Hortaleza, in the north of the capital, has set the upper floors of the building on fire, which has been completely evicted without any injuries.

According to Efe sources from Emergencias Madrid and Efe has verified in the area, the building is located on Dulce Chacón street and it is a newly built tower with 20 floors plus a roof terrace, built together with five similar ones in the area from Pinar de Chamartín.

The smoke is visible several kilometers away from where the fire has occurred, according to several neighbors.

More than a score of firefighters teams from the City Council have traveled to this place due to the virulence of the fire that has already been controlled although not yet extinguished, the sources add.

To do this, they have used two cranes of up to 70 meters – the highest available to the fire department in the capital – from which water is still being poured on the six upper floors of the building, although the last three have been finally affected. plus the attic.

Look at some of the attempts being made to control the flames.

In this way they have prevented the flames from spreading to lower floors and that they did not affect neighboring buildings either, partly also due to the practical absence of wind at that time, as the sources have explained.

Once controlled, the firefighters have entered around 08.45 hours inside to continue with the work and secure the building, which was immediately evacuated completely without any injuries, although Samur-Civil Protection still maintains its emergency equipment in the place.