Chicago : Illinois reports 3,874 new COVID-19 cases and 31 more deaths this Friday – .

On Friday, officials from the State Department of Health reported 13,012 new and probable cases of coronavirus in Illinois during the last 24 hours and 126 more deaths attributable to the virus.

According to data from the Department of Public Health, the state now has a total of 634,395 cases since the start of the pandemic with 11,304 deaths.

In the last 24 hours, some 116,024 new tests have been carried out and these new results maintain the average of positives at 13.4%.

HERE: Click to see the Illinois government sites where you can get tested for coronavirus completely free and without a medical plan.

Regarding hospitalizations, the state reports a total of 1,196 patients under intensive care, 6,111 people are hospitalized in health centers due to the virus. 604 coronavirus patients are reported to be on ventilators.

The Illinois Department of Public Health recommends and asks all residents to avoid unnecessary meetings, work from home if possible, and only go out for essential activities such as going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or to get tested for the coronavirus.

Illinois downgrades to Phase 3

Here’s a breakdown of the new rules that go into effect on Friday, November 20 across the state:

Bars and restaurants:

No indoor service No standing or meeting outside while waiting for a table Prior reservation required Use of gaming and betting machines suspended


They may operate with a limit of no more than 25% of their capacity Group training classes will not be allowed indoors Changing rooms and dressing rooms must be closed Wearing a mask is mandatory at all times, even when exercising It is recommended to make an appointment before go to the gym


Room occupancy should be limited to registered guests only Gyms will have to close or use by reservation and limited space Spaces for events and meetings will have to close Meals are allowed to be ordered to be picked up at hotel restaurants

Museums, theaters, and cultural institutions:

Museums, cinemas, theaters and casinos must close as of Friday Outdoor activities will be allowed with 25% or less capacity

Factories and manufacturers:

All employees must wear face masks at all times Only essential personnel may enter the premises No visitors will be allowed, except those who make deliveries or repair equipment

Meetings and social events

Meetings should be limited only between household members and no more than 6 people Do not meet with friends or people who are not part of your environment or bubble No meetings are allowed in party rooms, in private and sports clubs Funerals only 10 family members are allowed to visit deceased, not including funeral home staff

Office work

It is recommended to work from home as long as possible

Recreational and sports activities

All recreational, sports and team activities inside courts and venues are suspended Outdoor sports are still allowed, but must be limited to 10 people or less Includes school sports leagues

Beauty, massage and nail salons

Limited seating of 25 clients or less Clients and service providers must wear face masks at all times Services where a face mask cannot be worn, such as facials and shaves, must be discontinued Physical, occupational and massage therapy may continue, but must be continued between appointments wait 15 minutes.

Stores, supermarkets and pharmacies

Stores like Walmart and Target will have a customer limit of 25% or 25 people inside Customer limit in supermarkets and pharmacies will be 50%

More recommendations to decrease the positivity rate

Work from home if possible

For the next three weeks, try to work out an agreement with your employer to be able to work from home, unless it is necessary to have to be in person at your workplace.

We ask employers to adapt to this measure if possible. Our goal is to reduce infections as we approach the holidays so that businesses and schools can stay open.

Participate only in essential activities

For the next three weeks, stay home as long as possible, and only try to get out for necessary and essential activities, such as going to work if you are an essential employee, getting tested for COVID-19, buying food or medicine.

Limit travel and meetings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health experts tell us that gatherings and travel in and out of communities pose a high risk of spreading the infection.

In our current situation, with a growing prevalence of the virus, attending even small gatherings that mix households or traveling to areas that are experiencing high positivity rates is not recommended and is potentially dangerous. Please travel only if necessary.

Here’s a breakdown of the new rules that go into effect Friday, November 20 across the state.