Chicago : In astronaut costumes, couple goes for a walk on the streets of Brazil – .

RIO DE JANEIRO – In the new normality that is beginning to be experienced in Rio de Janeiro there is room for lovers of the galaxy who, dressed as astronauts, take advantage of daily walks on the banks of the most iconic beaches of Brazil, without neglecting precautions to avoid being infected with the new coronavirus.

Covered from head to toe with helmets, jumpsuits and even gloves, a couple of older adults face the dreaded virus in their daily walks with an original way of protecting themselves, so as not to die infected by the virus or boredom by the confinement.

Faced with the inability to go out into the streets in peace, due to a chronic problem in his lungs, Tercio Galdino, a 66-year-old retired accountant, designed the galactic suit to face the invisible enemy that threatens his health and convinced his wife, Alisea Lima , a year younger, to follow suit.

“I came up with it because I am from the risk group and, in addition, I have a lung problem. So COVID-19 is sudden for me. During the quarantine period, and after 30 days without doing anything at home, I began to think about a way to go out to see friends and take a walk, “said the retiree in remarks.

He assured that the idea of ​​designing the astronaut suits came to him one day when he was watching a television newscast and a doctor appeared who, after 40 days without being able to see the family, decided to wear a dinosaur costume to approach the children.

“At that time he told me that was what he wanted and I thought about astronaut clothing. I spent about 15 days to make it and I did everything. The base is a TNT-made nurse protection kit that I decorated,” said Galdino. , who said he spent about 300 reais (about $ 56) on the suits.

The white jumpsuits the couple wears are adorned with Brazilian flags and, of course, the NASA logo.

The apparently unnecessary cover-ups, but compulsory in the streets of Rio, are a fundamental part of the original couple’s outfit during their daily walks.

The joy shown by the institution spread to other social network users.

According to the creator, the only thing that makes the helmet uncomfortable when it is very hot.

The retiree said that the first time they went out was on July 15 and they exhibited the outfit on the beach of Urca, one of the smallest in Rio de Janeiro, fearing that they would be poorly received.

“We were afraid of being embarrassed but the receptivity of the people was very good and they congratulated us for the originality and creativity. There were about 200 or 300 people on the beach and the costume caught the attention of everyone and many asked for take a picture. Even the cars stopped or reversed, “he said.

Given the good reception, both continued to walk three times a week and have already been seen on iconic beaches in Rio de Janeiro such as Copacabana, Ipanema and Barra de Tijuca.

It was developed in Finland and is being tested in several countries, including the United States.

According to her partner, the astronaut suits were a relief for her because of the confinement she was not getting or sleeping and was going through a very difficult situation.

Lima assures that he never thought that the idea was so successful and that the news went so far.

“Sometimes when we are without a helmet in the car, people recognize us and say ‘those are the astronauts’. We did not know that this would have an impact with that proportion and that they would know us all over the world,” he assured.

The coronavirus pandemic already leaves nearly 12,000 victims and more than 134,000 infected in Rio de Janeiro.

With nearly 78,000 deaths and more than 2 million confirmed cases, Brazil is the second nation in the world with the highest number of victims and infected, behind only the United States.

Burying or cremating a deceased person with coronavirus has become almost a luxury.