Chicago : Navy Pier to close after Labor Day due to pandemic – NBC Chicago

The Navy Pier announced that it will close its doors after Labor Day, as the iconic attraction faces budget problems due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions to contain contagions.

The pier will close its doors on September 8 and could reopen in the spring of 2021.

“While it was a very difficult decision for the organization, it was necessary to proactively ensure the long-term success of one of Chicago’s most important and valued civic institutions and the communities it serves,” said the President and CEO. Navy Pier executive Marilynn Gardner. in a sentence.

“This decision will also help preserve the future of many companies on the site, which continue to face their own difficulties as a result of the pandemic. The temporary closure will allow the pier and its partners to reduce their operating expenses and support efforts to limit COVID-19 cases as we move into the fall and winter seasons. “

Navy Pier will remain open through Labor Day, including free arts and cultural programs, restaurants, retail stores, tour boats and food cruises. There will be “multiple levels of security precautions,” authorities said.

Last week, officials said Navy Pier was exploring its options, including the possibility of closure, as the attraction faces a $ 20 million shortfall in its budget due to the coronavirus pandemic, a spokesperson said.