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MEXICO – The Mexican Santos Tuz Romero did not imagine that making a video doing what he is most passionate about, teaching, on the TikTok fashion platform would lead him to gain thousands of followers and put his Mayan roots high and proud.

“I had the application for months when the quarantine began but I did not open it, I decided to see what kind of videos there were and I was surprised to see a person who taught English and another who taught another language of the country where he lived and that encouraged me to teach the language spoken where I live, “says Tuz.

A presentation in Mayan about who he was, his place of origin and the greetings in Mayan was the one that opened the door to more than 60,000 views and 10,000 likes from viewers from different parts of the world and since then he has used the social network to teach the language his grandmother taught him.

“It is Yucatecan Mayan, I adopted it because I spent all my childhood in my grandmother’s house, in that house only Mayan was spoken and from the age of 6 or 7 I got used to it because my grandmother asked me for things in Mayan,” he recalls.

Santos lives in Oxkutzcab, one of the 106 municipalities in the state of Yucatán, southeastern Mexico, there he lives with his mother and little sisters who help him record his videos, he studies the third semester of his bachelor’s degree in primary education and assures that being a teacher it is something he has pursued forever.

“Since I was little I have wanted to be a teacher, whenever they asked me what I wanted to be and I said what a teacher, I am happier than ever and proud to receive congratulations from my teachers and my principal, that encourages me even more”, explains Tuz.

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The normal school, for teachers, in which Santos studies is half an hour from his community and one day of his life is made up of housework, exercise, school and doing academic tasks, however, during the pandemic the school for the plot, a place where he grows fruits and where he takes ideas to teach.

“The plot is a land where many fruits are grown, I am in Oxkutzcab, the land of oranges, where the Orange Fair is held, we grow all kinds of fruits and use them as teaching material because I want people to have a meaningful learning, “he explains.

In his videos you can learn from prepositions, different greetings, numbers, the names of fruits, among other things, in addition his teaching methods are based on his studies and he always looks for creative ways to show new content.

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For Santos, not everything was a bed of roses, when he began to upload content to Facebook, a popular page in Yucatan shared one of his videos and soon there were several criticisms of him.

“They told me why did I teach Maya, that I better teach English, that Maya was useless, that the people of Yucatan didn’t even understand Spanish and that made me feel very bad, they discriminated against me for teaching Maya and then I gave He says that people began to support me, “he says.

Although there were several days in which his spirits fell, Tuz soon realized that there were more who supported him and assures that he is very “proud to be able to speak Mayan”.

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Another of his objectives with his classes, which can now also be seen on YouTube, is to encourage other young people to lose their fear of speaking the Mayan language.

“I know many young people who know how to speak Mayan but they feel sorry for it, it is as if they have a monster outside, they talk to their family but when it comes to going out they are not given the motivation to say a word, or they are afraid of being teased or discrimination, “he explains.

Santos also hopes to teach classes in person soon, when the pandemic in Mexico subsides, but for now he takes time preparing his material to be able to do so.