Chicago : scandal for “wild party” on the bus in NY – .

NEW YORK – The New York Police Department (NYPD) is investigating an uncontrolled party inside an MTA bus in which dozens of young people staged an impromptu and much-criticized party early Sunday morning in Queens.

The uniformed officers detailed that the driver of the 7239 bus pulled the vehicle out of an MTA parking lot in Grand Avenue Depot around 4 am and was about to start the usual route when he was stopped by several cars parked in double file.

The driver tried to make the vehicles move, but it was then that dozens of young people got on the bus and held him for at least 30 minutes to celebrate a “wild party.”

In the video, people are observed smoking hookahs and dancing uncontrollably, there were even nudes. All this without masks or physical distancing.

Law enforcement agencies are seeking the group for “violating multiple health and safety laws.”

The MTA reported that the bus was completely disinfected after the incident.

“It is truly an egregious and unfortunate incident that not only violates the law, but also violates traffic rules and puts our bus driver at risk, as well as putting (the people) of the group at risk as seen in the video, no mask, “said Craig Cipriano, MTA bus president.

“It’s really something that we work closely with our NYPD partners on,” he added.

A victim of COVID-19 wrote before dying a message of regret for having gone to a party and not respecting social distancing and the use of masks.