Chicago : Shooting at street party leaves 1 child dead and 19 injured in Washington DC –

A shooting in southeastern Washington, DC early Sunday morning left 19 people injured and a teenager dead after at least three individuals opened fire on a street gathering, the Metropolitan Police reported.

During a press conference, authorities identified the fatality as 17-year-old Christopher Brown.

A District 1 police officer, who was off duty at the time of the shooting, is fighting for her life in a hospital after being shot. At the moment, the reasons why the officer was at the scene are not clear.

Police officers responded to the shooting recorded on 33rd. St and Dubois Place around 12:20 a.m. Sunday and found more than a dozen injured.

Several were taken to the hospital and are in critical condition. Others suffered minor injuries after being grazed by the shots, according to police. Brown died at the scene.

Authorities have not released the names of the injured but said at least 11 are women and in addition to Brown, there was another under 17 years old.

A video posted on social media shows someone opening fire on the crowd and people running in an attempt to escape the scene.

No arrests have been made and no motive has been specified for the shooting. Information on possible suspects was not immediately available.