Chicago : Storm Sally leaves rain and floods after passing through Florida – .

Storm Sally left less damage than expected as it passed through Florida, but it was inevitable to see images such as those of Downtown Miami, where several vehicles were stranded in the middle of flooded streets.

In Key West there was record rainfall for September 12, with 9 inches of rain, no homes were flooded but traffic and commerce were partially affected after the torrential downpours.

In Cayo Largo, images were captured of flooded parking lots, gusts of wind shaking the trees, private boats guarded by their owners and tourist activity partially stopped.

In Miami Beach, the rain also did its thing, causing the closure of some restaurants on the popular Ocean Drive.

Meanwhile in northern Broward County, beach waters remained rough and some homes flooded, the flood warning in effect until 11 p.m. Saturday. Sally left Florida, but there are still several weeks left of the heaviest rainy season of the year.

The Miami-Dade County preliminary report is of two partially flooded homes in Homestead and other blocked streets in Sweetwater, but everything appears to have returned to normal.

Tropical Storm Sally passed without major damage over the southern Florida peninsula. In the northern area of ​​the Keys, everything happened with permanent rains and few gusts of wind.

Many of the residents of Cayo Largo said that they are somewhat used to being visited by tropical systems each hurricane season, but that life continues normally, according to neighbors.

During Sally’s passage through the area, no casualties or damage were reported. In fact, no strong winds were felt and the rain was not intense either. Tourists who usually visit the Keys continued with activities almost on a regular basis, although many chose to shelter in their homes and simply enjoy themselves as a family.

Mother Nature at least this time had mercy on Cayo Largo, the nightlife was not interrupted by the rainy day of the weekend. South Florida saw Storm Sally pass, with a white balance, a lot of rain throughout the day and with economic activity partially affected.

In Key Largo no flooded homes were reported, there were streets partially blocked by water, after the torrential downpour. Despite the constant rain, the nightlife in some restaurants was dynamic. At least for Saturday the private boats remained guarded and the tourism withdrawn from the beach.