Chicago : student and school employee test positive for COVID-19 after returning to school – .

Just days after Indiana public schools announced their reopening for the first time since March, at least one student and one school employee tested positive for COVID-19.

The information was given by AP who indicated that at the Greenfield-Central Educational Corporation, 20 miles from Indianapolis, a student tested positive on the first day of school. Following this, Superintendent Harold Olin notified the Greenfield-Central High School community via email.

Olin told AP that the district was notified by the Hancock County Health Department and that the student was only attending a portion of the instructional day. It was also learned that he had been tested before and that he went to school before the result was known.

He also highlighted that this positive does not change his reopening plans and that in response a protocol was created to follow for these cases, in which the virus is reported in a student. They added that those who had no contact with the infected continued to attend classes.

West of Indianapolis, at Avon High School, an employee was reported to have the virus and it was learned within a day of returning to the institution but they emphasized that he had not been to school during the previous week. It is unknown if the infected person is a teacher.

Greenfield-Central offered its students the option of face-to-face or remote instruction to start classes and only 15%, about 600 students and their families, opted for online classes.