Chicago : Suspect in Wisconsin shopping mall shooting arrested – .

Wauwatosa police reported Sunday that a 15-year-old man was arrested as the main suspect in the shooting at a shopping center in which eight people were injured last Friday.

The “Hispanic youth” was found in his car and other people were arrested in connection with the incident that occurred at the Mayfair Mall shortly after 3:00 pm on Friday, Wauwatosa Police Director Barry Weber said during a Press conference.

The identity of the suspect was not disclosed as he was a minor. Eight people, including seven adults and one adolescent, were hospitalized with injuries whose severity is unknown.

On the day of the shooting, authorities had described the suspect as a white male in his 20s and 30s. However, this Sunday they recognized that this information was incorrect.

A weapon was found at the place where the suspect was arrested and the shooting broke out after an altercation between two groups, according to the report this Sunday.

Wauwatosa police did not specify how many more people were detained for their alleged connection to the shooting last Friday.

“The suspect was in his car and we stopped him there,” confirmed Officer Weber. The young man is a Milwaukee resident, according to authorities.