Chicago : tragic ending for baby abandoned in a dumpster a year ago – .

CALIFORNIA – The body of a baby that was found in a garbage dump in San José, California, was finally buried this week, after a year of the horrible find and no one claiming his body.

The Little Treasures organization intervened in the case to hold the baby’s funeral so that he could finally rest in peace. It was never known what was the cause of death of the child or who abandoned him in the recycling center.

In an emotional ceremony, the boy’s coffin was carried to his last home by the same San José paramedic who tried to revive him when he found him among garbage piles in October last year.

The little boy was found in the early morning hours of October 25, 2019 on sorting bands at a recycling plant located on Charles Street.

After the discovery, authorities tried to determine where the baby came from. However, they never received reports of a lost baby with her characteristics and no one claimed her remains in 10 months.

This prompted the Little Treasures organization to take the case for a funeral ceremony.

He beat him to death and buried him in a makeshift grave in Chicago.

“There are babies who are abandoned by their families once they die, in this case, this baby appeared in the garbage, but there are also those who leave them in hospitals,” said Virginia Jones, founder of the organization.

The ceremony was attended by community members who learned of the burial through the organization’s Facebook page.

Since it was founded in 2005, the organization has successfully buried around 50 babies in Santa Clara County.

Until now the causes of death of the child are unknown.