China: at least 18 minors lost their lives in gas leak – .

Five miners were still trapped underground after a gas leak that trapped 24 people on Friday in the Diaoshuidong mine near the city of Chongqing, China.

The results of the accident

A gas leak occurred on Friday, December 4, in a coal mine located in Diaoshuidong, near the city of Chongqing, in China. According to the press agency New china, at least 18 minors were killed. In addition, five others are still trapped underground and the emergency services are trying to reach them, reports West France.

Investigators deployed on site

The bodies of the 18 minors were found in the morning. One person also occurred at this accident linked to a gas leak. According to the emergency command, quoted by public television CCTV, the drama took place as miners were dismantling underground mining equipment. Investigators were mobilized to the scene to determine the causes of the accident.

Quite frequent mining accidents

The China is often the scene ofmining accidentsbecause it is rare that regulations are enforced. In the process, the Chinese industry shows a sad record in terms of safety. An accident occurred last September at another mine near Chongqing following a fire. A total of 16 workers were killed and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide were recorded.

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