China called “biggest threat” to freedom and democracy – .

John Ratcliffe, the US intelligence chief, called China the “biggest threat” to democracy and freedom in the world since World War II.

Suspected influence transaction

In an article at Wall Street Journal, John ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, notably denounced an alleged theft of US business secrets and defense technologies by the Chinese. In words translated and relayed by the French press, he explains without going by 4 ways: “the People’s Republic of China represents the greatest threat toAmerica today, and the greatest threat to democracy and the freedom in the world since Second World War.

John ratcliffe also gave a description of the operations during which officers of the China reportedly used economic pressure to try to compromise or compromise US lawmakers. “Our intelligence shows that Beijing regularly carries out this type of influence operation in the United States”, he portrayed… Moreover, the Chinese leaders would have sought to “to subordinate the rights of the individual to the will of the Communist Party”.

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“Hostile to American values”

The State Department also explained that members of the Chinese Communist Party were “hostile to American values” and engaged in “harmful activities”. As new rules have come into force, visas issued to members of this party and their immediate family will remain valid only for one month after their issuance and for a single entry into the United States. You should know that previously, some visas allowed unlimited entries that could remain valid for up to ten years.

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