China congratulates Joe Biden on his electoral victory in the US

China congratulates Joe Biden
The country is among the last to congratulate Biden.

China congratulated the president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, on his successful voting. The congratulation comes a week after the Democrat is the winner.

In the middle of a press conference, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang WenbinHe said China “respects the choice of the American people.”

They already accept him as the US president

“We congratulate Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, at the same time, we understand and will respect the outcome of this election in United States with the laws and procedures of the United States, ”said Wang.

Until now, local media Chinese were cautious in their handling of what was happening in the North American country.

The gesture comes 4 days later, after Wang will avoid the chain’s questions CNN on when his country would congratulate the president-elect.

China had “scored” the event

At the time, Wang said that his government had “taken note»From Biden’s declaration of victory.

“We will handle the issue of the (congratulations) statement in accordance with international practice,” Wang said.

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The last

China is one of the last World powers in offering his congratulations to Joe Biden on his victory.

Thus adding to the list from countries, which have already accepted the new American leader, including the UK, Australia, Israel, France and Germany.

Trump had more prominence

Years ago, in 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping congratulated the triumph of Donald Trump, only one day after the elections are over

The few media that had published notes regarding the US elections, mostly focused on the Trump statements like the supposed fraud leaving Joe Biden in the background.

Some media pointed out that the Chinese government had been reluctant to do something that could provoke inconvenience tycoon Trump, who still has a few months in office.

In a Newspaper China’s state government Daily said the “enthusiasm of foreign leaders” in congratulating Biden showed that they wanted to “turn their backs on the current administration and its divisive policies.”

“China is always willing to work with the United States to manage its differences, whoever is in the White House must look at the regional situation objectively,” the editorial said.

An article published by the Global Times, described Biden as an “old friend” from China.

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