China has promised continue working for the implementation of its ‘phase one’ trade agreement with the US despite the fact that the tensions between the two powers continue to escalate.

In a report on government work released to the National People’s Congress (NPC) on Friday, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang promised that Beijing will work towards the liberalization of world trade and investment.

“We will work with the United States to implement the first phase of the economic and trade agreement between China and the country“Li said.” China will continue to promote economic and trade cooperation with other countries to obtain mutual benefits, “he added.

Li also noted that China “will actively participate in the reform of the WTO (World Trade Organization)” and work for the signing of the Comprehensive Regional Economic Association, while advancing in free trade negotiations. with Japan and the Republic of Korea.

His remarks come as relations between Washington and Beijing continue to be strained by mutual accusations related to the coronavirus pandemic, disputes over access to financial markets, and the new national security laws for Hong Kong.

The long-awaited ‘first phase’ agreement was signed in January after lengthy negotiations. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has suggested that no longer a priority for Washington and has threatened measures against China for its role in initiating the coronavirus outbreak.