China’s ambitious space program unveiled – .

Heading for the Moon, Martian exploration and space station, China is strengthening its mission in the conquest of space. Discover the ambitious space program of this Asian dragon.

The mission to the moon

The China wants to show the whole world its perfect mastery of space flights while strengthening its lunar ambitions. The vast Asian country is heading for the moon with the launch of the Chang’e 5 mission on Tuesday, December 1. The Chinese probe will be tasked with bringing back fragments of the Moon to Earth. She will have to return to Earth in mid-December with some 2 kilos of samples of lunar dust and pebbles. “This is a crucial mission because with Chang’e-5, we repeat all the stages of an inhabited journey to the Moon, that is to say we go to the satellite and we come back to Earth “, confided Philippe Coué, specialist in the Chinese space program, on the story of RTL.

China’s ambitious plans

The list of ambitious projects of the China in the conquest ofspace continues after that of the Moon. The country plans, in fact, to land its Tianwen-1 probe on Mars in early 2021 after a seven-month trip for a mission in the Utopia Planitia basin region. This vast plain in the northern hemisphere of the Red Planet is believed to harbor large amounts of ice at depth. So far, only the United States has succeeded in this maneuver. In addition, Beijing plans to complete the construction of its large space station Tiangong-3 (Heavenly Palace) in 2022. This station will be a sustainable intermediate point on the route to the Moon and China intends to send men there by 2030 Before that, the mission Chang’e 6 will continue the mission of Chang’e 5 by 2024 for the collection of lunar matter on the far side of the moon.

Since the 2000s, the China has spent billions to align with or even overtake competing powers. If this express mission to the Moon is successful, the country will be the third power to achieve such a feat, after the United States and the USSR. All the more so, since at present, the Asian giant controls all sectors of the conquest of space, from launchers to satellites, including manned flights and moon landings.

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