Chiquis Rivera denies Mr. Tempo: What did he say?

Chiquis Rivera denies Mr. Tempo: What did he say?


Chiquis Rivera denies statements by Mr. Tempo.

Chiquis Rivera recently spoke through his official Twitter account to deny that he is working on a tequila that will soon be released in the United States, this after the recent statements of the businessman Mr. Tempo to “Suelta La Sopa” where he assured who was working with the singer to launch her own tequila.

During his interview with the Telemundo show, Mr. Tempo mentioned that his contract with Rivera was still in place and that at the moment they were in the process of creating the label of the tequila brand that would be called “Reina del Sur” .

For his part, Chiquis denied the businessman of Mexican origin with a publication in his official Twitter account: “EXCLUSIVELY to my Twitter friends: I HAVE NO PLANS TO MAKE A TEQUILA WITH ANYONE right now.”

The singer expressed her annoyance at Twitter in relation to people who lie to get what they want: “I can’t with LIAR people !!!!!!!! There is nothing else that I don’t like. Fuck people who are exploited looking for fame at the expense of other people ”.

Rivera urged his thousands of followers to social networks not to believe everything they hear or see: “PLEASE do not believe everything you hear, read or even what you SEE, that not all that glitters is gold. TRUST me ”.

Chiquis Rivera wants to focus on good things in 2021

After denying the launch of his own tequila in partnership with businessman Mr. Tempo, Chiquis Rivera assured in Twitter that at the moment he only wants to focus on the “good and beautiful” that is happening to him in the professional and personal sphere.

“2021 Chiquis against toxic, abusive, liar and pend… Who is with me? You no longer have to deal with things that only pull you down and do not help you grow and improve as a person ”, detailed Rivera in his profile on Twitter.

Currently, Chiquis Rivera is celebrating being the only woman who managed to be nominated in the category “Regional Mexican Artist of the Year” in Premio Lo Nuestro 2021, the important award ceremony that will be held in mid-February in the city of Miami.

Mr. Tempo spoke on personal issues of Chiquis Rivera

In his controversial interview with ‘Suelta La Sopa’, Mr. Tempo pointed out that Chiquis Rivera is not pregnant at the moment, as has been speculating in various media in recent weeks: “Chiquis is not pregnant.”

Jorge Cuevas also revealed the reason why he has not been seen again in the company of Chiquis Rivera: “For the good of the business and for the good of society.”

When questioned about the images where he appeared kissing Rivera in a hotel in Mexico City during a business trip in 2020, Mr. Tempo pointed out that it was “a compassionate kiss”, but preferred not to delve into details about what happened.

After announcing her separation from Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera was romantically related to Mr. Tempo. However, the interpreter of “Paloma Blanca” assured that she was single and completely focused on her artistic career as a singer.

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