Chiquis Rivera is pregnant? |

Chiquis Rivera is pregnant?


Is Chiquis Rivera in the sweet expectation of her first child?

Chiquis Rivera has been immersed in a series of rumors in recent days that suggest that she could be in the sweet expectation of her first child, the result of her marriage to Lorenzo Méndez, from whom she has been estranged since September of this 2020. However, the singer clarified everything in a recent appearance in California.

In a brief interview with Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día”, Chiquis was questioned by a reporter about the rumors of a possible pregnancy. To which she responded with a blunt “no” without delving into details about the rumors.

The Mexican entertainment show “Sale el Sol” earlier this week was one of the first media to report on the singer’s alleged pregnancy: “Some say that Chiquis sought out Lorenzo to have a reconciliation and resume her marriage because She is four months pregnant and has just found out ”.

This past weekend, Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez were seen together in a video clip while sharing in El Paso, Texas. At that time, many users on digital platforms assured that the couple could have reconciled. However, none of the parties involved has issued any kind of statement in this regard.

Telemundo’s “Un Nuevo Día” reported earlier this week that the daughter of the well-remembered “Diva de la Banda” had traveled by car from California to Texas to see Méndez and “ask for forgiveness.”

For his part, Lorenzo Méndez was in Texas for the filming of the video clip of the musical theme “Jingle Bell Rock” which is currently fully available on the YouTube platform.

In mid-November of this 2020, Chiquis offered an exclusive interview to “Sal y Pimienta” where she confessed that she did not rule out the idea of ​​becoming a mother soon. Also, the interpreter assured that at the moment she was not ready since she wanted to have babies with a “correct partner” who will support her and be with her.

In her intimate conversation with the Univision show, Rivera stated that she was ready to freeze her eggs in January 2021 since she would like to be a mother and emphasized that when that happens her world will be completely different.

In the month of September of this 2020, Chiquis Rivera surprised all her fans by surprisingly announcing that she had decided to end her marriage with Lorenzo Méndez, with whom she had been married for just over a year.

“With a heavy heart he informed you through this medium that Lorenzo and I have decided to separate. It was a mutual and difficult decision, but necessary, “the singer said through a press release on her Instagram profile. Likewise, Chiquis requested privacy and clarified that he would not offer any type of statements regarding his separation from Méndez.

Since the moment of their separation, Rivera and Méndez had not been seen in public, so their recent appearance in Texas intensified rumors of a possible reconciliation.

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