Chiquis Rivera without fear of risks in lace lingerie

Chiquis Rivera in lace lingerie and "not afraid to take risks" [FOTO]


Chiquis Rivera is shown in sensual photography.

Chiquis Rivera unleashed passions by posting a sensual photograph on the Instagram platform where she is shown wearing a golden outfit that she combined with lace lingerie tight to her curvy figure.

Rivera’s photograph comes in the media of the rumors of a possible reconciliation of the singer with Lorenzo Méndez, from whom she has been estranged since September 2020. However, the couple has remained on the sidelines to pronounce on whether they are together again.

Through the Instagram platform, Chiquis provided a powerful message in which he urged his thousands of followers not to be afraid of taking risks: “Don’t be afraid to take risks and do things out of the ordinary. Don’t let them put you in a ‘stay here’ box… ‘You can’t, you shouldn’t’… Get out! Be brave and do what makes you feel good and ignite your soul. “

Users on Instagram did not take long to react to Rivera’s sensual photograph that had a powerful message: “A queen”, “Divina Chiquis”, “I love the new look”, “Spectacular queen”, “You look amazing baby”, “The most beautiful in the Universe”, “Chula my queen.”

The 35-year-old interpreter has been shown lately wearing her long hair in a very dark tone, a striking look that her fans have approved and have even come to compare her with Thalía.

Chiquis Rivera boasted of his vacation in Mexico

Currently, Chiquis Rivera has been seen through his official account on Instagram while enjoying a few days of rest on the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum in Mexico. In her snapshots, the singer appears meditating on the beach and showing off her figure in a striking bikini.

Rivera joked in his Twitter profile by ensuring that she was born in Tulum, a heavenly place that has fallen in love with her during her recent vacations: “I am convinced that I was born in Tulum, but my mother took me to Long Beach at 2 months.”

When referring to one of the things you enjoy the most during your stay in Tulum, Chiquis assured: “The best part of being in Tulum… There is no television in my room”.

On the other hand, the famous singer confessed in Twitter that he has no need to hide or pretend to be someone else today: “I have no need to hide, pretend, or pretend to be someone I’m not. I’m Janney and it’s over! Whoever likes it … Today more than ever I live for myself, my music … and for the people who accept me as I am ”.

Rivera introduced the new member of his family

Through his official account on Instagram, Chiquis Rivera touched all his followers by showing with great pride the new member of his family: It is a puppy called Pancho of the English shepherd breed.

In his post on Instagram, Rivera joked that Pancho is the “owner” of his fortnights.

The singer’s new mascot has an official account on the Instagram platform and has almost reached 10,000 followers. Also, in the profile posts, the puppy can be seen playing with the star’s makeup.

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