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Chris Pratt could play Indiana Jones for a reebot (AP)

Chris Pratt could play Indiana Jones for a reebot | AP

It seems that the production house would be considering making new versions of the character for future animated or live-action series and Chris pratt is one of the candidates to play this iconic character.

There is no doubt that one of the most iconic characters in adventure films, and that has managed to stay current over the years, is Indiana Jones.

Since 1981, with The Hunters of the Lost Ark, the character played by Harrison Ford managed to transcend, becoming one of the great jewels of both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.

And in fact at some point it was considered to do with this character the same as with James Bond, that is, that from time to time he would change the actor to keep him updated and with the possibility of creating new stories.

However, this formula did not seem to be made for the most popular archaeologist in cinema, since Ford He would become the only one worthy of wearing that hat, since for many there would be no Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford, and the actor also sees it that way, as he has assured that his wish is for the character to lose his life with him.

But could it be that after the success of Disney expanding the Star Wars universe with its series and prequels, they want to try the same with this adventurer from the 80s?

According to information shared by popular freelance journalist Daniel Richtman, Lucasfilm is already looking for Chris pratt possibly to make a prequel.

So far he has not shared more details, and both the Star Lord interpreter in Guardians of the Galaxy and Ford have not confirmed it.

It is the same journalist who assured that Indiana Jones 5 will generate several divisions in history, which would open up new possibilities.

For his part, producer Frank Marshall pointed out that the fifth film would be the last for this franchise, thus respecting the relationship between the character and the performer.

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Despite this, the possibilities of bringing a new animated series are still valid and if Richtman’s information were to come true, it is certain that the fans will react in one way or another and they will have to be convinced of whether or not it is worth bringing. to a new Indiana Jones.

Well, as you may recall, when the making of Han Solo: A Star Wars Story was confirmed, there were also some conflicts because the fans considered Harrison Ford as the only and unrepeatable smuggler, however, even so, Alden Ehrenreich was well received. .

While these changes in the franchise happen or not, it is undeniable that whenever the famous archaeologist is mentioned, fans will think of the legendary actor, who over the years has earned a significant place in the film industry.

On the other hand, Chris Pratt has also earned his place thanks to the fans of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and his constant presence in the MCU, and he certainly has a wide range of possibilities to bring completely new characters to life in various stories.

But for now, the Indiana Jones 5 movie is expected to hit theaters in 2022.

Christopher Michael Pratt After finishing high school in 1997, he dropped out of college to move to Maui, Hawaii, where he lived without a home until he was discovered by actress Rae Dawn Chong while working as a waiter at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant.

Thus, thanks to his charisma and sense of humor, Pratt saw success on television during the 2000s appearing on the series Everwood, The OC and Parks and Recreation.

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