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In the last five years Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27% have been criticized for many reasons, and although the main target of criticism was director Zack Snyder (300 – 60%, Watchmen, The Watchers – 65% , The Man of Steel – 55%), the screenwriter Chris Terrio is one of the most responsible, since the plot lies with his mistakes and his successes. In a recent interview, the writer finally talked about how Joss Whedon (Avengers: Age of Ultron – 75%, Much Noise and Few Nuts – 84%, The Avengers – 92%) ruined Justice League – 41%, and justice was finally served by releasing Snyder’s cut on HBO Max, but he also took his time to justify some of the most criticized aspects of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was his first collaboration with DC Comics.

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One of the scenes that was pointed out as proof that Terrio was not a good writer is the beginning of the film, when Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen meet in a Middle Eastern country. According to the screenwriter, one review in particular said that he was inept as a storyteller because of the scene in which the chieftain they were going to interview asks why they sent a woman, to which he now commented to Vanity Fair (via Comic Book) :

Once the critics decide that a movie is incoherent, it is just an accumulation. Then they attack everything. There is a line at the beginning of the film where a warlord says to Lois Lane, ‘They didn’t tell me the interview would be with a lady,’ and Lois responds, ‘I’m not a lady, I’m a journalist.’ So one critic held this line as positive proof of my stupidity and inability to write to Lois, or to write at all. Well, the character of Lois in the movie was inspired by the journalist Marie Colvin, who of course was murdered in Syria.

The line, Terrio assures, was attributed to Colvin and was a tribute to his work, but that was not all, the screenwriter also assures that much of the negative reception he had Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice It was because 30 minutes of footage was taken from him (via MovieWeb):

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If you took 30 minutes off Argo, like they did with Batman v Superman, it wouldn’t make any sense. Critics would say, ‘what a weak script’, because the characters are not motivated and it is not coherent. And I would agree with them.

The definitive edition of the tape added the 30 minutes that were eliminated to be shown in theaters, and although some declared that it improved a lot, there were also those who said that it did not contribute anything substantial and the main problems were still present.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice It continues to be one of the most controversial superhero films of the last decade, if not all of history. Expectations were very high and some fans were extremely disappointed that Superman lost the halo of light, optimism and hope that had characterized him in his previous film versions. Another topic of conversation was the murders committed by Batman, as he is a superhero who in most of his versions does not kill his rivals

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Some fans, and even the director himself Zack snyder, have suggested that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice It is the closest thing to a cult movie when it comes to superheroes, but only time can confirm or deny that, meanwhile what no one can deny is that it continues to cause fierce debates and conflicts between fans and critics.

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