Christian Nodal is in mourning: Who died?

Christian Nodal is in mourning: Who died to the singer?


Christian Nodal in mourning for the unfortunate death of his great-uncle.

Christian Nodal joins the list of personalities in the entertainment industry who have suffered the physical loss of loved ones due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past, Nodal urged his thousands of followers to watch out to prevent the rapid spread of the virus.

Cristy Nodal, mother of the Mexican singer, reported that one of his uncles died of complications derived from COVID-19, according to Infobae.

“My dear Benny left, who more than my uncle, was always my Chipilón. I thank heaven for having put you in our family, thank you for loving us so much. We also did it with all our hearts and our respect. Forever your great example of life, joy, loyalty and love for music will live in us, “said Nodal’s mother on her official Instagram account.

Through his profile on the social network, Cristy Nodal assured that he could not say goodbye to his loved one, this because his death was related to COVID-19: “We were unable to say goodbye to my child (…) We missed giving ourselves cheek because the bug caught up with us. I am sure that we made you very happy as you made us! Thank you for so much, my dear Benny. “

For his part, Christian Nodal spoke about the death of his relative with an emotional message that he published in his official Twitter account: “How difficult it is to celebrate life after so much death.”

In December 2020, the Mexican interpreter’s mother reported on Instagram that her family was facing the arrival of COVID-19. At that time, Cristy Nodal explained living a “nightmare” due to the public health crisis that has caused havoc worldwide.

Unlike previous years, Cristy Nodal decided to spend Christmas away from her children to avoid exposing them to a possible contagion with COVID-19. However, the person who was diagnosed with the virus was his uncle, who at all times was very close to his children.

For the Christmas celebrations, Christian Nodal was enjoying a few days off on the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico in the company of his girlfriend, the singer and actress Belinda.

Christian Nodal’s girlfriend also suffered the loss of a loved one due to COVID-19

In the month of May 2020, Belinda mourned the death of her uncle due to complications derived from COVID-19. The star’s relative was confined in a nursing home for the elderly in Spain and had only been diagnosed with the virus for a month.

“One of the people I have loved the most in my life has just gone to heaven… My uncle Pepe, my partner of laughter and complicity… I will miss your bad temper, your jokes, your sense of humor, when we danced salsa in the At dawn, when we played with your slingshot, when I forced you to hug me because you were never the most affectionate. I will never forget every moment by your side! I feel a deep pain … To be so far from you … I love you and I will always carry you in my heart. Rest in peace and take care of me from heaven, “wrote the actress through the stories of her official account on Instagram.

After the death of her loved one, Belinda was devastated at not being able to travel to Spain to accompany her family at such a difficult time.

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