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Contrary to what some American netizens thought, Chuck Norris did not participate in the riot at the Capitol. This was confirmed by the actor himself on his Twitter account.

The guy who was mistaken for Chuck Norris on Capitol Hill.

A few days ago, an environment of violence, uncertainty and chaos was experienced in the neighboring country, when the current president, Donald Trump, incited numerous citizens to attempt a mass blockade, this in order to frustrate the decision to ratify the Democrat Joe Biden as president-elect. There, attacks and confrontations with the police were the order of the day. In fact, several Hollywood actresses, actors and directors offered their reactions to the situation.

Among the hordes of people who marched and caused destruction, an individual with a reasonable resemblance to the actor and martial artist was seen.. Then, the users of the bird’s social network were given the task of sharing their thoughts on the supposed appearance of the also producer. Some had even noticed that, due to certain differences in facial features, it was not the same person. Even so, Norris was required to write a short message to clear up the matter. This is what he had to say:

“I recently learned that there was someone like Chuck Norris at the DC Capitol riots. It wasn’t me and it wasn’t there. There is no room for any kind of violence in our society. I am and will always be with Law and Order. His friend, Chuck Norris. « 

Likewise, Erik Kritzer, representative of the karate fighter, made the following statement to the Associated Press:

« Chuck remains at his ranch in Texas, where he has been with his family, » he said.

Later, he took time to joke, assuring that the subject caught in the crowd shared certain characteristics with the interpreter, but that « Chuck is much more handsome. »

This is not the first case of a celebrity mistaken for one of the protesters, as many people thought that Jay Kay, vocalist of Jamiroquai, was present (via).

Chuck Norris was not at the rallies in D.C.

Chuck Norris did not protest in the United States Capitol, but on second thought, it makes sense that many would believe that, since, on previous occasions, the athlete has already made clear his support for Donald Trump and the Republican party.

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