Chuy Almada: Would you return to EXATLON? What we know


Chuy Almada is a Mexican coach, motivator, and contender and one of the favorites from the first season. In addition to breaking records in the competition.

The fourth season of the hit reality Exatlon United States sports competition culminated with the triumph of “Latin Gringo” Nate Burkhalter, from Team Famosos. Viewers enjoyed the new era of Exatlon as a family as the group of impressive athletes returned to the competition in search of Nate’s $ 200,000 prize pool. Hosted by sportscaster Erasmo Provenza, the intense family program featured new obstacles and challenges, new athletes who joined the teams as reinforcement, weekly cash prizes and the arrival of the champion of the first season, Marisela “Chelly” Cantú as commentator.

One of its most emblematic participants is Chuy Almada, the 32-year-old Navojoense became during his time in the competition a kind of spiritual leader of his team, always giving support to his teammates and his farewell marked a before and an after in the competition, which is why he returned last season, after a massive vote by fans of the television show, for a second round. “I plan to give everything in each circuit because in Exatlon every day counts, they are going to see another version of me that they have never seen before.” He confessed to us exclusively at the beginning of the season.

Would Chuy Almada return to EXATLON?

After passing through the fourth season of Exatlon United States, Almada assured on several occasions through his social networks, that his time in the successful competition program had ended, and that he would be open to return in the future, but only as sportscaster, as did the first champion, Chelly Cantú.

But apparently this refusal to return is limited only to the North American version of the competition program, as the athlete commented on the Instagram profile of Exatlon Mexico, asking to be taken as reinforcement to the following season, which will be “All Stars”, and his name will be Titans versus Heroes, thus integrating the most emblematic athletes from previous installments:


Social networks have not stopped speculating on this comment from Chuy, and fan sites already give this as a possibility of having the “Toro Almada” back to other arenas:

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What you should know about Chuy Almada
Boxing: Its Therapy

Almada says that as a child he never liked traditional sports such as Baseball or Basket, from very early he fell in love with boxing and began to practice it as a kind of therapy to drain his different emotions.

From there, the Mexican has not stopped competing and carries the name of his country high all over the world, he currently has his own gym where he teaches his rigorous exercise routines to attendees.

Has a “2.0” ratio

Chuy Almada and his wife, the physical trainer Diana Avilés met through social networks and once they started dating, “More never parted”, Diana assured the television program Al Rojo Vivo, from the Telemundo network, in 2018, when they were newly married. Here, she also indicated that she was sure that Almada must have felt alone in the sands of Exatlon, but that her strong connection was the best company.

His wife was his main support to return this time to Exatlon United States

Almada exclusively assured us that it was precisely his wife who supported him to make him return in the fourth season. “The truth when I received the call I told him with fear and my biggest surprise was his unconditional support. She is sure that this time I am stronger and more prepared, I am ready to win and the support of Dianita and my family behind the television will mean everything to me during this second chance. “

He is a lover of Mexican food and beer

Chuy always admits on social networks that although in general he tries to eat healthy, his weakness is tacos and beer, and he tries to enjoy them “at least once a week.”

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