Clear victory for Maduro in Venezuela in elections criticized by the opposition and with low turnout

The Venezuelan official alliance of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), which brings together all Chavez forces, led by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) of the current president, Nicolas Maduro, He emphatically won the legislative elections held this Sunday with 67.6% of the votes cast, when 82.35% of the ballots were counted, the National Electoral Council (CNE) reported on Monday.

A voting center in Maracaibo, Venezuela, during the legislative elections in the country.

So far, 5,264,104 votes have been counted, of which 3,558,320 were for the GPP, while an alliance led by the traditional parties Democratic Action (AD) and the Independent Electoral Political Organization Committee (Copei) came in second place with 944,665 votes, which represents 17.95%, explained the president of the CNE, Indira Alfonzo.

Election day was marked by a voter shortage that has been observed throughout the day. As Efe was able to verify, both in Caracas and in Maracaibo, the second city in the country, several voting centers had little attendance. Numerous photographs disseminated on social networks showed a similar situation in many parts of the country.

The opposition leader and self-proclaimed president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, assured that the Venezuelan population has rejected the “fraud” of the legislative elections this Sunday in the country not going to vote at the voting centers.

“In this voting center of the Macuto parish (La Guaira state) usually there are a lot of people when there is voting. Today what exists is a fraud in our country that is clearly rejected in the images, in the videos (…). This voting center already in 2015 I am going to give you an image to contrast, “said Guaidó in a video posted on social networks.

Five hours after the moment when the Venezuelan polling stations were to be formally closed, the authorities responsible for the process they had not offered any information yet.

The official closing time of the polling stations was 18.00 (22.00 GMT), 12 after their opening, and, at that time, the National Electoral Council (CNE) extended one more hour “or until [no] have voters in the queue “the polls.

“Today it is clear that the dictatorship continues to stand alone”, Guaidó affirmed, while calling on the population to participate in the popular consultation called by the opposition to reject this electoral process and which is held between December 7 and 12, the last day in person.

Guaidó also said that he will maintain his functions as president in charge of the Caribbean nation, a position in which fifty countries recognize him before the alleged “usurpation” that, according to the complaint, the president, Nicolás Maduro, makes the presidency.

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