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One of the concerns that human beings sometimes ask themselves is how things would be if they had acted differently at certain times in their life, where they have had to make very important decisions. Where would you be if you had studied something else, if you had gone to a certain place and met a certain person instead of another? Questions this interesting and profound pose us the independent companies Wild Kid Games and Indienova through Clocker, an adventure in which a father and daughter try to find each other, separated on different timelines, using their respective abilities: that of stopping the course of time and altering the course of certain events, and that of resuming and re-linking the loose ends of time, a different and curious way of solving puzzles based on the simultaneous control of two characters at once. This title will be available in the eShop of the hybrid console from next February 25 for € 3.99.


Clocker Trailer (Nintendo Switch)


Clocker is a puzzle game about time. Features a story between a father and daughter using a dual lead technique. By controlling two individual characters in turn, you will gradually solve puzzles, progress through the timeline and adventure. The game features unique timing mechanisms, a hand-drawn artistic schematic style, thought-provoking puzzles, and a poignant storyline. An exciting and exasperating adventure awaits you!

Dual protagonist narrative
Control father and daughter separately to experience the entire plot from different perspectives.

Time pause!
Father’s mysterious pocket watch can move along other characters’ timelines to achieve its final motif, and as a result change the entire world.

Where is the father?
Daughter’s power can resume twisted timelines, trace the clues, and help her find her father.

Big and complex logical framework!
Each NPC has its logical structure. Every change in the timeline will influence the entire plot.

Unique and delicate artistic style
The combination of 2D and 3D techniques illustrates a realistic virtual world filled with characters emerging from the screen and interacting in detailed settings and backgrounds. Color plays an important role as different shades and hues represent time in various ways for an additional aesthetic experience.


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