Closure of non-essential shops, limited gatherings …: Switzerland is tightening the screws

The Swiss Federal Council, equivalent to our “Concertation Committee”, had met since Wednesday morning to consider new measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic on its territory.

Faced with an epidemiological situation which remains “extremely tense”, the Federal Council has decided to close some non-essential shops. As of Monday, January 18, stores that do not sell “everyday” consumer products will have to close their doors. Gatherings are also now limited to 5 people inside and outside, and teleworking becomes compulsory.

In addition, the measures taken in December are extended until the end of February. Restaurants, cultural establishments, sports and leisure facilities, which have already been closed since December 22, will therefore remain closed until the end of February.

No new measures concerning ski resorts have been taken by the Federal Council. Each canton therefore remains responsible for authorizing the opening of its ski areas or forcing them to be closed, depending on its own epidemiological situation.

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